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20th January 2015

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9th December 2014

information needed for each member
5th December 2014

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30th November 2014

Scouts Read Tuesday meeting Please
21st November 2014

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28th January 2021

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29th January 2021 18:30 - 19:30

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information needed for each member

5th December 2014

Dear Parents

As you can a predate we have now over 130 members in the group, I need your help for you to get this flowing information back to me. I need it all back for Friday 5th December or before so I can then start putting it on the data base.

We have been  asked by the Scout body to Gain more information about each member

Can you please read the list below filling in the information

you can tex or email or wright it down on a peace of paper and transfer the information on to a form your section leader has.

Than you for your cooperation

Shirley Cuthbertson


The list of information is

Name of Member :

Start in Group:


Ethnicity :

NHS Number:

This is expiation for each part and also choices for you to pick from

Name of Member this is your child name

Start in Group- this is when your child started with the whole group eg from beavers

Nationality choices
Northern Irish

Ethnicity choices

English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British

Gypsy or Irish Traveler
Any other White background
White and black Caribbean
White and Black African
White and Asian
Any other mixed or Multiple ethic group
Prefer not to say
Christian (including all Christian denominations)
Any Other Religion
No religion
Prefer not to Say

NHS Number Your can find this out by calling in or phoning your doctor

we need this one so if on a camp or an activity in or out of the hall and medical assistant is required

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