15th Glasgow (Eaglesham) Scout Group

Beavers - My World Challenge Award

28th January 2022, 18:30 - 19:30


Tonight we'll be kicking off our My World Challenge Award.

Can all parents please log into OSM and complete / verify their child's medical information if you have not done so already - ordinarily we would be having our Beavers Burns Supper tonight but due to a lot of outstanding medical info on OSM we don't have dietary requirements for a large number of children so have had to cancel :(

Dear parents

Can you please all log in to OSM for each member you have with the 15th group

This is now impacting the program that the leaders run as they do not have the correct information for the members or the subscription payment to pay for it

We need the following checked

  • personal information
  • Contact information
  • Medical, allergies,dietary (if they do not have any of these please write in “no”
  • Scroll down and fill in all please


  • Subscription can we please get these all up-to-date and paid.
  • Eaglesham Fair we are going to take part in the procession this year, if you could please tick yes or no if your member is attending with the Scout Group.

Thank you for your cooperation


Hamper winners

1st :R MacKintosh Member :E Coyne

2nd :T Evans member:M Hall

3rd :A McGlone member: F McGlone

COVID SAFETY MEASURES - We are currently at Scout Green Readiness Level, full details of which can be found on the Scouts Scotland website but the main points to be followed by kids / parents are as follows:

- face coverings must be worn in indoor locations by everyone aged 12+, so please wear a facemask when dropping off / collecting kids or if attending as a parent helper

- good hand hygiene, there will be hand sanitiser available at the door so please ensure kids sanitise hands on the way in and out of Beavers

- reasonable physical distancing between adults and between adults and young people in indoor settings, so please remind children in advance to maintain approx. 2m distance from leaders / parent helpers


Unfortunately, there has been a noticeable increase in disruptive behaviour on display at Beavers recently, and with a large group in a small hall this can quickly spread and make for a very challenging hour for leaders.

I’m going to make some changes this week to lodges / seating arrangements and we will shortly appoint Lodge Leaders which will hopefully help discourage this. I’d also be very grateful if parents could take some time to discuss the below with their children before this week’s meeting as even children that don’t engage in disruptive behaviour can help.

Why is it important that Beavers don’t engage in disruptive behaviour (talking when leaders are talking / ignoring instructions / general silliness and tomfoolery!) at Beavers?


  • We keep kids safe by doing the register and carrying out regular headcounts, so that we know who is there and that everyone is safe. Mistakes in the count could be made if children aren’t listening / making noise / moving around during these counts.
  • We often give out safety instructions associated with games / crafts that need to be heard.
  • If there is a danger, Leaders need to be heard so that we can issue instructions to keep everyone out of harm’s way.


  • It’s not much fun for Leaders or Beavers if a lot of time is wasted giving people into trouble or repeating instructions. The less time spent doing this, the more time we will have for games and crafts.


  • It’s not fair on leaders, all of whom are unpaid volunteers, or fellow Beavers whose parents have paid for them to be there, if a lot of time is wasted.

What can Beavers do to help?

  • Sit still when asked to go into their lodges and during the register.
  • Listen to leaders without interrupting when they are talking and carry out instructions promptly. If there are any questions Beavers can raise their hands and a leader will talk with them.
  • If other Beavers are being silly nearby ask them to behave or let a leader know and do not laugh, encourage or get involved in similar behaviour.

Finally, we have a great group of kids and ordinarily Friday nights are a real pleasure.

With many thanks for your anticipated support in this matter.

Scott, Jacqueline, Laura and Shirley

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FRIDAY 27th MAY - NO BEAVERS (Sleepover tomorrow instead)
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28th May 2022

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Queen jubilee
2nd June 2022

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