15th Glasgow (Eaglesham) Scout Group

Explorer programme

Here's the Explorer Scout programme for the coming year. Click on each event for further details.  Some nights maybe changed so please always keep a look at the website 

 MEETING NIGHT , THURSDAY NIGHT from 19.30 to 21.00 

Other weekends will be organised and details posted here.

If an event goes off, please scroll down and press on show past events and it will show previous events 






  • Explores- Ticket selling

    18th November 2021

    Ticket selling event MeetThe Explorers are to meet at the top of Peel Road (Jackton end)  Time: 18.45 Pick up: as drop off  Time: 20.30  Uniform and appropriate clothing outdoor activity .  Bring phone to let parent know if we finish early . The more Explorers the quicker...

  • Explores- Ticket selling for Xmas coffee afternoon.

    11th November 2021

    Ticket selling event Meet: at the top of the Big A  Time : 19.00 Pick up : At the top of the big A Time : 20.30 ( they will text you when finished) so get them to bring a phone  Uniform and appropriate clothing outdoor activity . Please bring phone ,depending on numbers we might...

  • Windfarm walk & BBQ

    7th October 2021


    17th June - 12th August 2021


  • Explorer- meeting

    10th June 2021

    19:30 - 20:30

    Meet 19.30 Mid Road Pick up 20.30 Mid Road Please wear Neckie and appropriate clothing for the weather ....

  • Explorers

    3rd June 2021

    19:30 - 20:30

    Meet 19.30 at bus stop next to Eglinton Arms Hotel Pick up 20.30 same as above . Neckies to be worn and appropriate clothing for outdoor activity . ...

  • Explorers

    27th May 2021

    19:30 - 20:30

    Meet     Mid rd 19.30Pick up  Mid rd 20.30 Outdoor event, please wear appropriate clothing for the weather ...

  • Slack line

    20th May 2021

    19:30 - 20:30

    Meeting night Please meet  Mid road . 19.30Pick up Mid road 20.30 Wear appropriate clothing for the weather.  Neckie to be worn.  For those that didnt make last week can you bring your £5.00 in named envelope.  ...

  • Windfarm walk

    13th May 2021

    Walk at the Windfarm Meet :  19 15 Whiteless windfarm car park Pick up :  21.00 Whiteless windfarm car park When dropping off and picking up please  keep to the social distancing rules .Explores to wear Neckie , Wear appropriate clothing for the weather . Please...

  • No meeting

    15th April 2021

    No meeting ...

  • No meeting

    8th April 2021

    No meeting ...

  • DofE

    6th - 7th April 2021

  • Meeting night

    1st April 2021

  • Meeting night

    25th March 2021

  • Meeting night

    18th March 2021

  • Meeting night

    11th March 2021

  • Meeting night

    4th March 2021

  • Meeting night

    25th February 2021

    Meeting night event...

  • Pancake night

    18th February 2021

    Pancake night event...

  • Meeting night

    11th February 2021

    Meeting night event...

  • Meeting night

    4th February 2021

    Meeting night event...

  • Meeting night

    28th January 2021

    Meeting night event...

  • Meeting night

    21st January 2021

    Meeting night event...

  • Windfarm walk

    14th January 2021

    19:15 - 21:00

    Windfarm walk eventMeet whitelees windfarm car park.  ...

  • Meeting night

    7th January 2021

    19:15 - 21:00

  • Explorers - climbing

    13th March 2020

    19:15 - 21:30

    Meet at 19.15 @ The Climbing Academy "the newsroom" 124 Portman St, Kinning Park, Glasgow G41 1EJPick up 21.30 No uniform ,sports wear to be worn . The climbing hall can be cold so wear layers that can me removed or added . Bring juice / water  ...

  • Explorers - Pancake night

    28th February 2020

    Pancake night eventAt the Mearns scout hall . ...


    21st February 2020

    Unfortunately due to me not being well and Alan being unavailable we are having to cancel tonight's meeting.  ...

  • Hostel weekend CANCELLED

    14th - 16th February 2020

    Hostel weekend event. Unfortunately we havent been able to find a suitable hostel at a reasonable price . Getting far to expensive now . So we are having to cancel the weekend . I will get the deposits back to you next week....

  • Windfarm walk

    14th February 2020

    19:30 - 21:00

    Windfarm walk eventDrop off Windfarm car park 19.30 Pick up windfarm car park  21.00Please wear appropriate clothing for the Weather   ...

  • No meeting

    7th February 2020

    No meeting event...

  • Stretcher building

    31st January 2020

    Stretcher building event. We will be meeting at the Mearns scout hall . Pollock Road (off, Castle Rd, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77 6DHStart of  preparations leading to our end of year camping activity Bring a pair of socks ...

  • Explores to organise night

    24th January 2020

    Explores to organise night eventPlease meet at the Eaglesham scout Hall,  time 19.45 We will be outside so please wear appropriate clothing for the Weather. Pick up Eaglesham scout hall, time 21.30...

  • Meeting night

    17th January 2020

    We will be using the 21st scout hall until our new hall is being built . Same day and times as normal . 21st Scout Hall, Pollock Road (off Castle Road), Newton Mearns, G77 6DH Please bring a pair of socks for tonight's activity . ...


    10th January 2020

    Meet :  whitelees windfarm car park  19.30Pick :   whitelees windfarm car park   21.00 Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions . ...

  • No meeting christmas and New year break

    20th December 2019 - 3rd January 2020

    No meeting christmas and New year break event...

  • Explorers - Pantomime Visit

    13th December 2019

    19:30 - 21:30

    tickets bought for  EG CarterC BondA DunbarJ MacdonaldA PalmerT RobinsonG Knight PLEASE DO NOT TALK IN THE ENTRANCE WHEN PICKING UP as it can be heard in the main hall and disturbs the end of the Panto thank you All sections are going to the Pantomime tickets have be bought for all who put...

  • Xmas dinner

    6th December 2019

    Frankie and bennys . 20-22 Olympia Mall, East Kilbride G74 1PGDrop off 18. 55Pick up 20.30. If we finish earlier Explorers will phone to let you know . £5.00 deposit in named envelope to confirm place brought the next 2 Fridays.  ...

  • Parents meeting

    3rd December 2019

    Dear parents We will be having a meeting for all parents of all the sections.For an update on the progress of the new Hall & We will be telling you about where each section is going after Christmas Small Hall , 7.20 for about 20 minutes All cubs & Scouts will be keep in the big hall till finished...

  • Explorers- Sliver & Gold DofE Route Card night

    27th November 2019

    sliver & Gold DofE You will be doing your route cards for the  practice expedition and other bits and peace ...

  • Group Coffee Afternoon (Montgomery Hall)

    24th November 2019

    Group Coffee Afternoon Our Group Coffee Afternoon takes place on Sunday 24th November from 12noon-2.00pm.Rota - if you can help, please add your name to the rota hung in the scout hall entrance foyer.Tombola - donations can be handed in at section meetings or on the dayHome Baking - to be brought...

  • Empty Hall

    8th November 2019

    18:45 - 20:00

    We will be helping empty store room and pack away ready to move to storage . Not sure how long this will take will get Explorers to phone when we are finished. NO uniform ...

  • Crazy Golf

    1st November 2019

    19:30 - 21:00

    Crazy Golf Soar at intu Braehaed, King's Inch Road, Glasgow, Renfrew PA4 8XQDrop off 19.20Pick up 21.00No uniform Dear parentsWhile we are demolishing and building our new hallWe have not been able to secure a hall within Eaglesham after many months of trying Our friends in Scouting have...

  • Pumpkin carving

    25th October 2019

    19:45 - 21:30

    Get working on your pumkin designs for the Jack in the orry event on saturday night .  Dear parentsTHIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO PUT YOUR EXPLORER NAME DOWN FOR THE PANTOMIME PLEASEWe are all getting ready for the Coffee Afternoon (this will be held in the Montgomery Hall)I need 2 parents for each...

  • No meeting Holiday

    18th October 2019

    No meeting Holiday event...

  • No meeting Holiday

    11th October 2019

    No meeting Holiday event...

  • Hit the target and Glow bowl

    4th October 2019

    19:45 - 21:30

    Parent/Guardian  need to sign permission form if there Explorer wishes to take part in Air Rifle shooting tonight . Forms will be in small hall . NO SIGNED FORM NO SHOOTING . DofE  registration night is on Wednesday 9th next week. All parents please attend to pay...

  • No meeting school holiday

    27th September 2019

    No meeting school holiday ...

  • Slack line outdoor activity

    20th September 2019

    19:45 - 21:30

    Slack line outdoor activity eventPlease bring head torch . ...

  • Welcome BBQ

    13th September 2019

    Welcome BBQ eventAll wanting to go to the hostel weekend Please hand in form and deposit tonight ...

  • Explorers - Summer BBQ & Games

    21st June 2013

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News & Updates

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Upcoming events

Scout’s- hike at windfarm
21st September 2021, 19:30 - 21:00

Cubs - Tents
21st September 2021

24th September 2021, 18:30 - 19:30

Scouts- DIY/fire safety/hobbies
28th September 2021, 19:40 - 21:00

Cubs - All About Cubs/Team Building Activities
28th September 2021

Beavers - My Skills Challenge Award
1st October 2021, 18:30 - 17:30

Cubs - Road Safety Badge
5th October 2021

No Meeting
5th October 2021

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