15th Glasgow (Eaglesham) Scout Group

Scouts - Pantomime visit

10th December 2021

Log in to OSM and go on events and you will see if a ticket has been bought for your Child as it will be a Yes attending

Tonight we will be going to the Eaglesham Christmas Panto... OH YES WE WILL!

Location : Montgomery Hall, Eaglesham

Time: 19:10 to 21.40

Drop off: Bring your child in the front door and hand over to a leader who will seat them, please wear a mask

Pick up: no parents are allowed to enter the hall, all the children will be brought out the back fire exit door to you, can you please or stand in the back carpark, please do not drive in there as the car park will be full of the cast cars thank you.

Juice and a snack will be provided

Please wear full uniform and santa hat .


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