15th Glasgow (Eaglesham) Scout Group

We try to plan a fun and varied programme with a mixture of games, badge work, indoor and outdoor activities and trips or visits from outside parties. At the end of every meeting the best behaved child takes home our Beavers mascot Woody the Beaver, to be returned at the next meeting.

In general meetings start at 6.30 pm on Friday nights and last until 7.30 pm. Any changes to this schedule or clothing / equipment requirements will be detailed in the links below so please check this on a weekly basis before bringing your child to Beavers.

Parents will be notified in advance of any trips planned outside of the village.

To see further information about the meeting or activity planned (what's needed, where, etc.) please see the links below.

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    News & Updates

    Scouts - Read tonight
    20th January 2015

    Cubs & Scouts - Canceled tonight
    9th December 2014

    information needed for each member
    5th December 2014

    Group Coffee Afternoon
    30th November 2014

    Scouts Read Tuesday meeting Please
    21st November 2014

    Upcoming events

    Scout’s- hike the circle
    7th September 2021

    Scout’s- wide game in the Orry
    14th September 2021

    Scout’s- hike at windfarm
    21st September 2021

    Scouts- DIY/fire safety/hobbies
    28th September 2021

    Scouts-DIY/fire safety/hobbies
    5th October 2021

    Scouts - NO MEETING
    12th October 2021

    Scouts-DIY/fire safety/hobbies
    19th October 2021

    Scouts - Halloween Party
    26th October 2021

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