15th Glasgow (Eaglesham) Scout Group

Code of Conduct 15th Eaglesham Scout Group for Cubs

As a Cub, I promise to...

  • Have fun, try new things and learn new skills
  • Show pride in being a member of the 15th Eaglesham Scout Group
  • Come dressed smartly and in full uniform (shirt or jumper, trousers, necker and woggle)
  • Make sure my badges are sewn on
  • Wear appropriate clothing for outdoor activities
  • Attend regularly and be on time
  • Treat other people how I would like to be treated myself
  • Not deliberately put myself or others in danger
  • Respect other people's opinions
  • Respect other people's possessions
  • Look after the scout Group equipment and property
  • Listen quietly to instructions
  • Fall in quickly & quietly when leaders ask
  • Follow the rules of games and activities
  • Take an active part in games and activities
  • Not be disruptive

The following sequence which aims at deterring behaviour

  1. Verbal warning issued for repeated instances of bad behaviour
  2. Written warning to parents explaining what has gone on
  3. Fortnight suspension from Cubs. Punitive measures aren't the solution and I would like to avoid this as far as possible
  4. Consultation with District Commissioner. If this stage is reached, permanent exclusion may result

Parent sign _____________________________________________

Cub Sign ______________________________________________.


News & Updates

Scouts - Read tonight
20th January 2015

Cubs & Scouts - Canceled tonight
9th December 2014

information needed for each member
5th December 2014

Group Coffee Afternoon
30th November 2014

Scouts Read Tuesday meeting Please
21st November 2014

Upcoming events

Cubs - Games Night
19th October 2021

Scouts-DIY/fire safety/hobbies
19th October 2021, 19:40 - 21:00

21st October 2021, 19:00 - 21:00

Beavers - My Skills Challenge Award and Investitures
22nd October 2021, 18:30 - 19:30

Cubs - Halloween Party
26th October 2021

Scouts - Halloween Party
26th October 2021, 19:40 - 21:00

Beavers - Halloween Party
29th October 2021, 18:30 - 19:30

Cubs - Guy Fawkes Night Activities
2nd November 2021

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